Author Auctions Off A Bit of Rock and Roll History
Mark Sawicki author of Filming the Fantastic and Animating with Stop Motion Pro published by Focal Press will be auctioning off two pieces of MTV animation history at this years Bonham’s Rock and Roll auction:  Bonhams : TCM Presents… Rock and Roll Through the Lens
In 1985 Mark had the pleasure of being a performer and clay animator for the hit song Wake Up by the band Stop.  During the video while Mark dances he spins around to transform into a clay version of himself that continues the dance even adding an impossible “Moon Walk” : Wake Up – Stop
The malleable clay model has long since been squished but to accommodate the auction Mark recreated the model in permanent Polymer Clay for fans of the band and the song.
The next offering is from two Judas Priest videos from 1984 “Locked In” and “Turbo Lover” directed by Wayne Isham.  In these videos the band is troubled by three “Bio-Mechadroids” ( a word coined by Wayne).  The droid that Mark chose to auction is very likely to be the first instance of an animated wardrobe malfunction seen on MTV.  See if you can catch the mishap on one of the two videos:
These early years of MTV rock videos were some of the happiest times in Mark’s long career and he has hopes that the auction will allow some classic music video fans to own a bit of the magic of the 80s Rock and Roll scene.